Wood Flooring Installation Service

Wood Flooring Installation Service

If you are looking for a wood flooring instlaltion service then you have come to the correct website!

We are vastly experienced wooden floor fitters and can install all types of wood floors. As well as engineered flooring, laminate flooring, vinyl plank flooring, herringbone style flooring, we can supply and fit:

  1. Oak Flooring:
    • Oak is a popular choice for wood flooring due to its durability and classic appearance. It comes in various finishes, including natural, stained, or distressed.
  2. Maple Flooring:
    • Maple wood has a light, uniform grain, and it’s known for its hardness. It’s a good choice for high-traffic areas.
  3. Walnut Flooring:
    • Walnut offers a rich, dark color and a distinctive grain pattern. It adds warmth and elegance to a space.
  4. Birch Flooring:
    • Birch wood has a light color with subtle grain patterns. It’s a good choice for those who prefer a softer, more muted look.
  5. Pine Flooring:
    • Pine is a softwood with a lighter color. It’s often used for a more rustic or country-style look.
  6. Ash Flooring:
    • Ash has a light color with a prominent grain. It’s known for its durability and resistance to wear.
  7. Cherry Flooring:
    • Cherry wood has a warm, reddish-brown color that darkens over time. It’s a hardwood that adds a touch of luxury.
  8. Hickory Flooring:
    • Hickory is a hard and durable wood with a wide range of color variations. It can have a rustic or contemporary appearance.
  9. Mahogany Flooring:
    • Mahogany is a tropical hardwood with a rich, reddish-brown color. It’s often chosen for its luxurious and exotic appeal.
  10. Douglas Fir Flooring:
    • Douglas Fir is a softwood with a warm, light color and distinctive grain patterns. It’s often chosen for a more casual or natural look.

These are just a few examples, and within each wood type, there can be variations in color, grade, and finish. Additionally, engineered wood flooring, which consists of a real wood layer on top of a plywood base, is also a popular choice for its stability and resistance to moisture. When choosing a wood floor, consider factors such as the room’s usage, the desired aesthetic, and maintenance requirements.

Wood Flooring Installation Service Stirling

Wood Flooring Installation Service: The Wooden Flooring Company Stirling